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What my clients have to say...


Reiki Healing Canberra


Rachel you are amazing. Your healing abilities through reiki were truly eye opening. You have a special gift which I'm very grateful to have experienced. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


I visited Rachel for a Reiki session, her work (Reiki) room is very well laid out, a beautiful set out of colours and smells.

Rachel is very psychic and helped me with what I asked her with. She is a really nice person and listens openly to anything you wish to tell her. Rachel can pick up energies and notice what you are struggling with, making it really easy. Her psychic abilities allow you to move away from your ego and talk about things you need to deal with, it's like she gives you the key to unlock that dusty shed in the back of your mind allowing you to access that deep stuff😄.

Thanks to Rachel I could talk to her about things and come back home with clarity and understanding.


I went to see Rachel for my first Reiki session in over 20 yrs. Plain and simple
She was FAB !!

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt so welcomed and peaceful, we talked for a while so I could give her some background on me, she knew the right questions to ask to get at what she needed.

Then she talked me through what she was going to be doing, what I may feel, and what she would talk to me about after.
The actual Reiki was amazing, I could feel everywhere she went and I felt so calm.

Afterwards she talked to me about what she felt, how I felt .
It was extremely helpful to me, and now over 2 weeks later I am still going back to that time , in my quiet moments, and gain more healing from her even though she is not present I really do recommend Rachel,

I wish the best for her gift. xxxx