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Reiki Therapy


What to expect in your Reiki Healing Therapy Session


Reiki therapist Canberra

Rachel Torrealba demonstrates Reiki Healing Therapy on a patient in her Reiki healing room in Canberra.


During the first healing session, we go through all of the things going on in your life at the moment. Any illnesses, aches, pains and any emotional concerns that are affecting you.

I also get a thorough understanding of your family and childhood programming so that I can get a better understanding of your fears.

In this session, I'll determine what you really want to achieve in your sessions and what's most important to you at this time.

I will use my intuitive healing and all the information you provide to give you feedback on what you can do to alleviate your suffering.

At times in the first session, there's so much to cover that we may not get to the Reiki table.

But once we're ready to start the Reiki treatment (I usually try to fit in a minimum of 30 minutes of Reiki in the first session), which will allow your body to begin its healing process on an energetic level.

If your body is ready for it, and you are ready to let go of it, I will be able to remove negative energy from your body.

I start the Reiki treatment by getting you to lay on a comfortable bed. My treatment bed can be lowered or raised electronically for your comfort.

I will place my hands over your eyes. By doing this I am able to scan your whole body (feel what parts of your body need the treatment) so that I will know where to place my hands next.

Through your presence and touch I can pick up messages from your spirit guides.