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Zen meditation for stress detox

 20 Sep 2016   published by: Rachel Torrealba

Stress Detox

These days most of us have a lot on our minds.

We might worry and stress about relationships, money or work.

This can affect us even when we are in a relaxed environment.

If we were going for a walk, instead of noticing what is happening right now we are caught up in our thoughts. We’ve walked a couple of metres and we miss seeing the beauty that surrounds us, the detail found in the bee that hovers over the flower on the tree and the plum tree that is about to burst through its first flowers.

The Power of Meditation

Zen Meditation is about being in the present moment. You can practice it anywhere and it is suitable for everyone. The easy part is that Zen meditation is our natural state of being. You don’t have to learn anything new just be conscious of living in the now.

The benefits of meditation include a decrease in the rate of aging, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, cortisol and noradrenaline. (A hormone found in the body. This hormone acts in the parts of the brain that is responsive to fear.)


The Relaxation Response

Herbert Benson

Inner Voyage

Isabelle Cunningham



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