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Getting back on the path to worthiness

 7 Nov 2016   published by: Rachel Torrealba

The topic of worthiness can come up at any moment in any area of our life. Love, success, happiness, friendships.

The purpose of being on this journey on earth is not to question if we are worthy or not. It's to find within ourselves who we are and to value our unique gifts we bring and contribute as well as know we are worthy of receiving from others.

As small or as big the contributions we make in this world each of us has a role to play, a journey to make for a purpose. Nobody can take our place, have our thoughts and be completely the same. Everyone of us is as equally important and connected to the divine. If we are suffering from low self worth it is because at some point on our journey we have lost the path to understanding the value of our true selves.

If we can see ourselves as something bigger than just the individual we are and we can go inward and consider how we can best serve others we can get back on the path to feeling worthy and believing in ourselves again.

Ask the question, How can I serve you today? Go inward and listen for the answer. Accept this and take the steps necessary to do what our lives have asked for.



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