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Anxiety:How to stay calm during Christmas

 21 Dec 2016   published by: Rachel Torrealba

Anxiety healingMost of us can feel the energy rise and change during the festive season.

It's a matterof walking into a shopping centre to see crowds of people rushing through the aisles, cueing at registers or simply getting caught up in the anxiety of trying to find a parking spot.

You might even get caught up in the what ifs.

What if I don't get a parking spot?, what if They run out of what I planned to purchase?, What if I get there late?, What if I get stuck or have an accident?

The reality is none of this is happening now. So STOP, BREATH and acknowledge you are going through an anxious moment.

Be accepting and forgiving of yourself. Find a time and a place when you can stop and know that what is happening in your mind is not real.

See yourself in your favourite calming space where you feel safe. Erase toxic vocabulary, self depricating language, this isn't serving you.

Focus on positive words and speak to yourself with kindness. Even though I may be anxious right now I have a plan I am using to work through this.

Take action rather than dwelling on the anxiety.

I wish you inner peace and a Merry Christmas!




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