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Collector NSW. Just a short drive from Canberra.

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Since I was 8 years old, I have been intuitively aware of my path to help other women in the community.

As a former teacher for 16 years, a mental health advocate and a supporter of women who have been through domestic violence, I use the power and lessons of my own experiences through overcoming the struggles with depression and a lack of self-worth so that I can help other women in similar circumstances.

I have been on my own spiritual path for the past 7 years. Through my reading of numerous books on self-help and the learning I have gained through training that I have completed, I bring a rich body of knowledge in the field of energy healing.

I am an intuitive healer and I have achieved a third degree in Reiki, as well as holding a Bachelor’s degree in education.

My healing room is private and quiet with an electric bed available for the comfort of my clients. When I’m not healing clients in my private home based practice, I am coaching women at a local family violence refuge to share my story and help them heal their wounds.